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I create evocative, contemporary paintings venturing into the natural world and continue a little beyond it, into abstraction and impressionism.

As a child, I inhabited an imaginary world that I explored through drawing, painting and designing. While I'm mostly "all grown up" now, I remain passionate about rediscovering and depicting our natural landscape but with a nod to those places we see only in our minds. My paintings are atmospheric and often moody, yet calming and tranquil, too. They carry the memories and emotions held close to the heart.

Much of my work is not geographically specific, focusing instead on capturing a feeling or a particular quality of light. Regardless of where we live, or the skies and terrain that envelop us, we share many desires; love, peace, connection, fulfilment. And many of us aim to bring joy and beauty into our lives through art. This shared yearning for uplifting, harmonious artworks has carried my paintings into homes around the world, as well as onto walls here in New Zealand.

I am also happy to discuss commissions and to work on 'geographically identifiable' art pieces.

About Me



A Whispering is a mystical and slightly mysterious painting where I hope you can lose yourself in the ebb and flow of the water, feel calm and serene.  One might wonder where the journey through the reeds will take you, what is beyond and what came before, this is left to your imagination and here lies the mystery.  I hope you can feel the tranquillity through the soft use of colour and a limited pastel colour palette. This painting is on canvas and is framed with a light wood contemporary tray frame that pulls out the soft colourings of the painting.

To view the image in full size please visit this painting under the Landscape section and click on the image.

Size: 104cm x 94cm

Price $3,600

Acrylic on canvas framed with light oak tray frame.

Available for viewing and purchase through Flagstaff Gallery Auckland, or please contact me directly for enquiries.

A Whispering 104cm x 94cm $3600 Available Flagstaff Gallery.jpg


Welcome to my new website

In this space I will post snippets of info, feedback from art buyers and collectors and anything else that may be of interest.

Sunday, 29 November 2020


The Christchurch Art Show

Te Pae Convention Centre, Christchurch

Friday, 17 March 2023

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