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I create evocative, contemporary paintings venturing into the natural world and continue a little beyond it, into abstraction and impressionism.

As a child, I inhabited an imaginary world that I explored through drawing, painting and designing. While I'm mostly "all grown up" now, I remain passionate about rediscovering and depicting our natural landscape but with a nod to those places we see only in our minds. My paintings are atmospheric and often moody, yet calming and tranquil, too. They carry the memories and emotions held close to the heart.

Much of my work is not geographically specific, focusing instead on capturing a feeling or a particular quality of light. Regardless of where we live, or the skies and terrain that envelop us, we share many desires; love, peace, connection, fulfilment. And many of us aim to bring joy and beauty into our lives through art. This shared yearning for uplifting, harmonious artworks has carried my paintings into homes around the world, as well as onto walls here in New Zealand.


I am also happy to discuss commissions and to work on ‘geographically identifiable’ art pieces.

My inspiration

Our home sits in rolling green hills near the Bay of Plenty coastline, on the eastern side of New Zealand. We are surrounded by farms, orchards and streams, with glorious views over indigenous forest in one direction and that blue sweep of Pacific Ocean in the other.

My art studio is a 60-year-old woolshed that has been converted into an artist's dream studio, with these same incredible vistas. I am endlessly inspired by my deep connection with the surrounding landscape and the ever-changing sky that hangs over this hilltop paradise. When I’m not painting, you'll often find me walking outdoors, face turned to the wind or rain or sunshine, as I explore the countryside or wander our coastline where storms brew and emotions gather. My camera is always at the ready to capture a particular cluster of moody clouds or the way late evening light hits a pasture or headland. More than anything, though, it is thoughts, sensations and feelings that I carry back to my studio and transfer onto canvas.

An artistic journey

Whilst I've always created, I began painting in earnest while living and running a small business in the Czech Republic. Surrounded by artists, musicians and poets, I found their passion crept into my psyche and under my skin and it launched my artistic travels. My journey continued when we lived in France, then onwards to Ireland's emerald isle. After many years in Europe, we found ourselves living out of an old Kombi van in North America, where we spent months traversing the United States and Canada. Long stretches were spent in national parks and nature reserves, as I developed my sketching, photography and writing.

Upon our return to New Zealand, I became completely fascinated by the light quality and the way our landscapes are transformed by the sky's moods. My seascapes and landscapes continue to explore this constantly-changing drama but with each working bringing to life a unique and individual energy.

My use of acrylic is dependent on the subject. For drier ground, the paint is applied thickly, in layers. Water scenes demand a much more fluid approach but both are highly textured and a trademark of my distinctive style.

You can find my work in galleries and art shows or art fairs, both in New Zealand and around the globe. If you would like to know when my next paintings are being released for sale or 'hot off the press', please subscribe to my newsletter below...

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